Date: 2010-06-21 10:46 pm (UTC)
hey bb! Yeah I totally agree on Adam being so very important in like so many, many ways to the US mainstream rn and its a wonder my eyes haven't turned into perma-hearts for him lol. Just today I saw the Canadian interview in which he shot down the predatory-gay stereotype and just ♥____♥
He mixes what is coded as masculine/feminine behaviors just by being himself, and that ambiguity is more difficult for a typical closed-minded US viewer to accept than if Adam could just fit into a recognizable category.
YES! this so much and when ur in a culture that is obsessed with categorization, to be brave enough and capable enough to cause this confusion without being dismissed..*hands*

As to the coding of gay men in India..well, its complicated as the convos I've been having with my Indian fronds on this post show lol. While feminine behaviour is not coded as anything, effeminate behaviour is beginning to be (but as I said upthread you have to be pretty extreme for it to have an impact). This could of course be that it simply does not occur to people to classify anyone as gay because its so under wraps here (we only decriminalised it last year ffs). But otoh there has been a vocal and visible gay rights movement for quite some time now and the issue has been discussed extensively in the media, so one would expect more coding to happen which has not been the case.
What gives me hope that the coding will never become as rigid as in the west (regardless of the cultural baggage we import daily) is that our conception of the masculine is very fluid. We would have to devalue significant parts of our cultural and even religious heritage to alter that and that I really don't see happening. We are at the verge of a cultural shift in regards to our attitudes towards homosexuality and while I can't predict what will happen, I do believe Shahrukh will contiue to shake that booty till he needs a hip replacement ;)

p.s: I hope ur feeling better bb..have a great time at ur concerts and come back and write me epic recaps mmmkay <33333
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