Date: 2010-06-17 05:10 pm (UTC)
OMG YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS, RIGHT? <3333333333333333333

(also, those gifs are made of WIN! \o/)

One of the paradoxes this points out about the U.S. is that our unofficial motto is basically "America! Where we are individualists! IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY! And if you deviate too much from that, we might just kill you, sorry." Like, we have such this vested interest in spouting off about diversity, but most people want it easily categorized so they can dismiss it better, honestly. It's part of what makes me love Adam so much - he breaks people's brains by not fitting into the boxes they have AND I LOVE IT.

I'm also thinking about all of this, the different presentations of masculinitiy and femininity across different cultures, as a result of the World Cup and the emotions that men display over it and how touchy feeling the players are and the way that makes some American men deeply, deeply uncomfortable. We're all one fandom!

Man, that Matthew Morrison interview is made of SO MUCH FAIL, and I certainly don't blame him for any of it, I think he handled it about as well as he could without just slapping the idiot, but this just makes me ANGRY:

ELLE: I had indeed read in various places that you’re straight, but in light of the circumstantial evidence, I wasn’t sure.

Jesus Fucking Christ. One of the whole points about visibility and openness and queer people actually being out is that when someone says 'hey, this is my sexual identity,' we have a responsibility to believe them. I'm not saying that we can't call out closeted male Republican politicians who vote against gay rights and then have sex with men at truck stops, but for fuck's sake - not everyone who says they're straight is a lying liar who lies. Matthew Morrison is a fucking Broadway actor - those bitches ain't closeted any more, if he says he straight, he's fucking straight - and if that changes, if he grows an appreciation for the cock, GREAT. He can inform us (or not!) of said change. CHRIST.

(also bb, for whatever reason this post thinks it was made on May 15, so it didn't come up on my friends list, which made me sad!)
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