ext_375617 ([identity profile] zorana84.livejournal.com) wrote in [personal profile] zorana 2010-06-17 09:14 pm (UTC)

ty darling! I'm so glad you liked it <33333
And yes the World Cup is a perfect example of Americans being forced to ~deal with all this ~stuff and its kinda hilarious to watch tbh. I think twitter has made it inescapable too which I have to say is kinda awesome and quite unexpected.
I read the Elle interview in absolute horror (I stumbled upon it by accident) I mean REALLY??? Your "circumstantial evidence" is what..that he's on Broadway??? I genuinely could not believe that a publication of any standing could be allowed to get away with this kind of shit. I mean how many sweeping, homophobic, ignorant generalizations can you cram into a single sentence?
But what worries me deeply in the AI fandom is how stereotypical people's judgements seem to continue to be about everyone we see, from Tommy to Terrance to Taylor (hah alliteration!). Surely we, of all fandoms, should be careful of tossing that shit around :/
I was talking to an rl Adam stan friend of mine today about how I couldn't think of a single equivalent to the he-sang-cher-he-must-be-gay thing that came up around Adam, in an Indian context. We simply do not have the same level of cultural coding of behaviour as "obviously gay".

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