May. 25th, 2016

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Dear Seeing Color writer and/or artist,

Thank you so much for participating in this exchange! I am so happy that it is running and excited for all the great fic and art that will result! I am going to be over the moon with however you want to proceed with the prompts so please feel free to take whatever cues you want from this letter and disregard whatever you feel is unhelpful! Also of course I hope this exchange leads to lots of likeminded people connecting so I'm totally up for post-reveal squeeing!

Likes and Dislikes for Fic:

Likes: I read pretty broadly so I'm good with most genres of fic so either canon fic or AU's are fine. I have a weakness for smut but it isn't a necessity if that doesn't fit into your writing style or idea. I love developing relationships where characters find out unexpected things about each other, whether it be sexual or just a secret talent for needlepoint! Kink-negotiation is something I really enjoy within a consensual space but again that's not required at all if it isn't your thing. Competence being displayed in any area is a definite plus point for me. I'll expand on specific pairing related tropes I love below but mostly I'm down for most tropey goodness. I am fine with some angst but would appreciate a happy-ish ending. Het, slash, poly, gen is all good as well.

Dislikes: I have a few hard limits that probably won't be relevant to your story but I'll list them anyway. I cannot engage with non-con/dubcon, major character death, scat, bloodplay, bestiality, slave au's and extended torture scenes. I am also uncomfortable with fetishization of race or ethnicity unless it is approached specifically as an undermining of the same.

Likes and Dislikes for Art

Likes: I am new at requesting art so I hope I can phrase this correctly! I would really sincerely love any style or genre that works for you. Movie style posters, sketches, character studies, comic panels, abstract art etc! If you would like to include a note to explain/direct my attention to anything I would really love that as well.

Dislikes: I don't really have any hard limits that haven't been covered in my fic description.

I hope that's been helpful!


1) Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I have nominated Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron and I am good with whatever combination of the trio that works for you but would prefer Finn to be a primary character in the fanwork. My delight in TFA is very much linked to the fact that the movie took all my love for space adventures and found families and worldbuilding and finding allies in unexpected places and expanded all those tropes by casting the people they did! I'd love for this to be explored in the fic, even within AU scenarios. Mission fic is a particular jam as it allows for exploration of unknown competences and like undercover kissing but like I said the galaxy is the limit here! I would prefer no woobiefying or overtly sympathetic portrayals of Kylo Ren or Hux.

2) Clean Bandit RPF

The nomination process got a bit mixed up for this but I would like Neil-Amin Smith and Olly Alexander to be the pairing in this fandom. Again both canon and AU's about how they met, got together etc is totally fine but I would ask for a happy ending if in canon-verse. I love this pairing primarily for their ridiculous chemistry and their care for each other so anything that builds on that would be great! I would also appreciate any exploration of Neil's relationship with his family if that's something that interests you.

3) Hockey RPF

Hockeyyyy! PK Subban and Carey Price in my opinion lend themselves to a whole host of canon and au scenarios but if within a hockey scenario I would prefer it not to be about career-ending injuries as that hits a bit too close to home. Other things I love about this pairing is their banter and goodnatured ribbing of each other as well as the pride each of them take in their own identities.

4) Marvel Cinematic Universe

My nominated characters for this are T'Challa, Sam Wilson and James Rhodes. Any combination of the above would be amazing. If set within Wakanda I would ask that it's relationship to the outside world as an isolationist advanced society be kept in mind i.e. their (justified) suspicion of outside interference, especially from Western powers. That being said it doesn't have to be a super heavy story! I'd just prefer Wakanda to be space to explore afro-futurist ideas whatever shape they might take.

I am also a complete wreck about Rhodey/Tony so I would love to see this relationship be explored from Rhodey's point of view. I would prefer it to be a strong connection based on both their needs without Rhodey being too long-suffering about things. I'm pretty convinced their time in MIT together was full of mutually-encouraged shennanigans!

5) Shadow Hunters (TV)

Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood are my current happy place and I would adore pretty much any story you told me about them! They seem pretty perfect for mission fic as well, especially if it leads them discovering unexpected stuff about each other. Anything that highlights their mutual competence is also very welcome. In terms of sexual dynamics I would prefer Magnus to not be depicted as predatory towards Alec but anything in line with their canon interactions would be welcomed, especially if it lead to a turning of the *ahem* tables.

Thank you so much again! I can't wait to squee over the fic or art!


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