Aug. 14th, 2017 11:04 pm
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We're back! Actually, I've been back for about 40 hours now, but with laundry, errands, unpacking, jet lag and general life, I haven't had much time to sit down to the computer, and when I did, it was mostly mindlessly surfing the 'net. :-P

In general, it was a really good trip. On the Big Island we: saw Kilauea volcano, visited a black sand beach, had some regular beach trips, enjoyed the hotel pool/hot tub, went snorkling, took a glass-bottom boat trip, visited a seahorse farm and Place of Refuge, tried shave ice and had fun wandering through shops and farmer's markets/craft markets. On Oah'u we mostly spent our time at Aulani [luau, character breakfast, more snorkling, beach and pool (which included water slides and lazy river), took a couple of art-and-culture tours of the place], which was marvelous, but we did venture one day to Waikiki (which was largely disappointing, although we did get some inexpensive shirts and other souvenirs there, and enjoyed local ice cream). The whole trip went way too quickly and nobody but Two was ready to come home again.

But we did have some squabbling along the way, largely under circumstances where people tend to be tense - navigating unfamiliar roads, dealing with airports, people being hot and/or tired, or stressed over a new experience, plus some ordinary miscommunications. To me, it wasn't a huge deal (I mean, it was in the moment, because WHY ARE PEOPLE COMPLAINING WHEN WE'RE IN HAWAII? but it didn't color my overall view of the trip) but Two remarked to me that one of the things he was taking away from our vacation was that, in his view, Will and I had fought more than usual. I felt kind of bad about that.

I'll try to find time for more detailed write-ups later, but I at least wanted to pop in here again. There is no way I can catch up on my flist from 2 weeks ago, so ... let me know if I've missed something important in your life?

In the meantime I finished re-reading Stormhaven and also finished reading The Dream Thieves, both on the flights back home.

Dream Thieves )

Anyway, overall I loved this book, and now I don't know what to read. I started Upside of Unrequited before we left for Hawaii, and would love to finish that. I want to read Cassie's Lord of Shadows, which I've also started (on Ch 3 or something like that). And I really want to dive into Blue Lily, Lily Blue to stay immersed in the Raven King universe. THERE AREN'T ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY!!!

Food delivery in Perth

Aug. 13th, 2017 06:47 pm
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So after vaguely noticing the rise of Ubereats I decided to investigate the options for food delivery in Perth again, and lo! They have improved enough that there are now options I can eat available in my area!

The sites I have found and how they looked for my fairly central suburb:

  • Menulog Moderate range, what I ended up using.
  • Eatnow Similar to Menulog, but website was a little less helpful regarding opening times.
  • Ubereats Largest range. But part of Uber and thus evil.
  • Deliveroo Significantly worse range than all the others.

I ended up picking Taiwanese Cafe which has a nice range of food I can eat as well as some stuff Cameron likes. And Taiwanese desserts!! I LOVE TAIWANESE DESSERTS and have had trouble finding anywhere easy to get them. The food was overall pretty good: the red bean and pearls dessert wasn't the best I've had but still satisfying, the popcorn chicken was super tasty, the teriyaki chicken bento perfectly nice, and the egg pancake a little greasy but ok. The only genuinely mediocre dish was the spring rolls.

The menulog ordering process was very painless, and the delivery guy had my number for when he got lost (our set of units has a very confusing numbering system) You're in trouble if you want ingredient lists etc, but that's true of most delivery.

EDIT for my own use since menulog has no favourites system (*plain rice available)


Tried, liked:

Tried, disliked:
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So I am finally getting around to fixing the NINETY OR SO broken images on my AO3 account. (THANKS PHOTOBUCKET) I settled on Nickpic as a new image host, rather arbitrarily. I've been getting random inconsistent upload errors so I'm not sure I'd rec them, they better not cause me to have to upload everything again.

To make it all feel less like yak shaving(*) I decided to go through from the start and fix up all my old works, since there's a growing list of minor issues like broken formatting I've been meaning to poke at. I am currently one and a half pages in, of nine (eg at about 30 works of 180 /o\)

It's interesting going through everything in chronological order. Right now I'm at April 2010 and past!me still hasn't learned how to format dialogue, but has sort of gotten the hang of chins. Figuring out how long legs are is still a ways in the future. (THEY'RE SO LONG)

A lot of this stuff is not relevant to modern fannish interests (and also...not very good) but I'm going to intermittently post old stuff to tumblr if I think people might enjoy it. I'm still pretty happy with Mafdet Slayer of Serpents, a Stargate comic I did about a Gu'ald cat. Though it's definitely from my pre-understanding-chins period.

(*)A software term I learned from Cam, referring to a large, frustrating and ultimately pointless task. It's easier to spell than sisyphean :)

Predicting Food Fads

Aug. 7th, 2017 03:03 am
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A while ago I wrote this post about predicting food fads, then didn't get around to posting it. In the meantime [ profile] yiduiqie posted links to two different new "Asian food is the new Western food" fads that bear no resemblance to my predictions whatsoever. I am thus posting this now before I look even sillier :)

So! I sometimes ponder what foods will become the new shiny food in Australia next.
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