Date: 2010-06-17 09:36 pm (UTC)
Well to your first point actually its not very clear where the law stands. You know that some hindu priests have officiated at lesbian weddings right, and if those people did decide to go to a Delhi court for registration, I do wonder what would happen. There has been a surprising lack of protest about the whole thing which has surprised me a lot though, but thats a discussion for another time. In my larger defense, I did say first off say that we are still positively medieval when it comes to gay rights?
I do fear about what will happen with the continued importation of this kind cultural baggage, but then again we've been subject to it for years and Bollywood is still resolutely sticking to its guns as far as all that ~dancing-shancing is concerned, and our younger directors do seem to be moving in the right direction so I have hope. The item-number would have worried me a lot more without Shahrukh's owning of it in Om Shanti Om (what did I say!! THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS SHAHRUKH KHAN LOL). The male item number is now as legit as the female one, infact its kinda elevated now and really I think dance classes are gonna be a must for actors for quite a while :D. Our historical blurring of the masculine and feminine is really the thing that gives me the most hope of our managing to perhaps come out of this impending cultural shift with fewer hangups than the west has managed to accumulate.
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